High School Bible (Grades 11-12, one semester)



#LiveFully, a curriculum for transformation where students uncover an integrated, holistic spiritual life. #LiveFully is designed with innovative learning techniques to offer 21st century leaders. Teacher edition, student edition and student workbook available. Learn more!


Understanding the Times Digital 

Understanding the Times is a classic invitation to the study of worldviews, a guided tour of the answers to life’s ultimate questions. Designed as a one- or two-semester course, it is a digital, sequential, discussion-based curriculum that introduces compelling and helpful ways of thinking about the world.

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Understanding the Times, Fourth Edition

Understanding the Times
, a one- or two-semester course, brings a host of Christian worldview and apologetic experts into your classroom. This course will help students understand the tenets of the Christian worldview and how they compare with those of current leading worldviews: Islam, secular humanism, Marxism, New Age, and  postmodernism. Issues addressed include apologetics, art and culture, bioethics, critical thinking, cults, leadership, and more. Limited quantities available while supplies last.

Missio Dei: Joining God on the Adventure of a Lifetime
This course includes three essential components:

–The student edition introduces the term Missio Dei–“mission of God.” It provides opportunities for students to explore and engage in God’s mission as the foundation for the story of the Bible, as the lens through which we all relate to others cross-culturally, as the centerpiece of history, and as the driving force for living “missionally” in whatever context we find ourselves.

–The teacher edition will guide you step-by-step through the teaching of the material and through the leading of various activities and assignments.

–The journal (Missio Dei: The Journey) was developed as a companion piece and an integral part of the student’s study. The journal is filled with article excerpts, Bible verses, quotations, places for reflection, and activities directly related to the lessons.
Click here to download sample lessons.

Timeless Truth
This apologetics course carefully walks students through the answers to these important questions—What is truth? Where can truth be found? Is the Bible reliable and relevant? Before young people can rely on the Bible, they must be assured of its truth. Timeless Truth directs students in a thoughtful study of the authenticity, reliability, and authority of the Bible. Students can apply what they learn as they hear a wide range of claims in the secular environment.
The teacher edition includes evaluation materials, an answer key, blackline masters, and an appendix that presents supplementary readings. Click here to download sample lessons.

Life-Shaping Decisions: Applying God’s Word to Career Planning

Excitement can turn to disillusionment as a teen pursues career plans without God’s wisdom for living and working. Only a path chosen according to God’s Word can bring ultimate, lasting success.
This course challenges students with a biblical concept of career stewardship while providing resources to help them build their own career plans wisely and faithfully. The lessons will lead them to discover their talents, to understand important principles of decision making, and to determine the will of God. This course can easily be used in conjunction with the school’s guidance program. Click here to download sample lessons.