Fall 2017

Christian School Program Scoring Services:
Please note that fall testing does not require precoded barcode labels because longitudinal tracking and Assessment Data Online are only available with spring testing.
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*Assessment Data Online is not available for Fall testing.

Webinar: Why is Fall Testing Important? Listen to Dr. Linda Thompson


TerraNova, Third Edition: What are the Benefits of Fall Testing?


Assessment Data Online for Schools and Parents

Video Library - On Demand Professional Development.
Learn more about the following resources:

Sample Schedules for Test Administration
Helpful Checklist and Fall Assessment Instructions
  • Teacher's Guide to TerraNova, Third Edition

  • Classroom Connections to TerraNova CD (Grades 2–9)

  • Special Accommodations Supplement—Prepare for Special Populations

  • Bible Assessment Subtest Administrator's Guide

Administration Time and Item Count per Assessment (TerraNova 3, InView, PTCS)

Communicating Achievement Test Results with Parents—Christian School Educators Magazine (Volume 16, Issue 3)

Practice Activities:
  • TerraNova, Third Edition (Grades K–12)
  • InView (Levels 1–6, Grades 2–12)

Parent Letter 

Blue Ribbon Schools