High School

Literature (Grades 9—12)

This high school literature and language arts series promotes academic excellence and preserves family values. It is designed to enable students to acquire high level, solidly based comprehension, writing, and communication skills.

Implications of Literature is an academically superior high school literature series that features content chosen for its time-tested literary quality. It complements a traditional, values-oriented curriculum, and it is free of material that conflicts with Christian school values.


Explorer Level–Grade 9: The Explorer Level draws on superior world literature, engaging students in enjoyable reading experiences that not only delight them but also reinforce the skills of critical reading, comprehension, and language arts.

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Navigator Level–Level 10: The Navigator Level treats students to an exciting collection of international literature. Entertaining stories, insightful poetry, and inspirational biographies as well as other thought-provoking nonfiction intensify students’ appreciation of each genre.

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Pioneer Level–Grade 11: Incorporating American literature, the Pioneer Level encourages upper-level students to sharpen their critical-thinking skills, distinguish literary themes, and recognize differing viewpoints. These abilities foster the clarity of written expression so critical for success in the newly formatted SAT examinations.

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Trailblazer Level–Grade 12: The Trailblazer Level completes the four–year literary series by presenting an anthology of the best in British literature. Short stories, poetry, nonfiction, drama, and a novel round out a challenging literary sampler that serves as a springboard for the development of high-level language skills.

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CD test generators for grades 9–12:
CDs are available for each level of the Implications of Literature series. They contain a variety of testing options that teachers can generate and adapt for individualized classroom use. CDs are not Mac compatible.

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Supplemental Studies from TextWord Press
Pathfinder: Grades 9 and 10 
Vanguard: Grades 11 and 12 
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Other Supplemental Studies:

Constructing the House of Language: This consumable handbook of writing and language skills will help your students feel more secure as they learn to express themselves effectively. A brief history of the English language, grammar and language skills exercises, and studies of word origins, spelling, and phonetics are presented in a lively manner. This supplementary text will be a valuable addition to any high school English program.

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Julius Caesar: This annotated edition of Julius Caesar boosts confidence and comprehension. It's all you need to bring the bard's play to life! Once students have mastered the story of Julius Caesar using this edition, they are equipped to tackle any of Shakespeare’s works with self-assurance.

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The Call of the Wild: This handbook is enriched by our unique TextWord format that offers enhanced comprehension, thought-provoking critique questions, and skill-based exercises that improve both writing and vocabulary skills. We believe that once your students have carefully read the text of the novel using these TextWord student aids, they will find that the thinking and linguistic skills acquired during the process will carry over other areas of the curriculum.

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