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  • Online Enrollment and Precode are CLOSED for SPRING 2018.
  • Online Enrollment is required for ALL schools using machine scoring. (This does not include schools that self-score.)
  • Previous years' Test Coordinator Kit forms are invalid and will not be accepted at the scoring center.

Click here for 2018 CSP/ACSI Assessment Program Training Resources

DRC Insight Portal
Online Enrollment through the DRC Insight platform confirms that your tests will be scored by DRC and the reports will be mailed to the school. Additionally, it allows schools to order Optional Reports and Precoded Barcode Labels to ensure accuracy of student demographic information.

Please contact ACSI Member Care if you need assistance.

OngoingOrder Materials
April 14-May 11, 2018 Window 5: Online Enrollment for Spring Testing CLOSED

August 1-September 7, 2018 Online Enrollment for Fall Testing for machine scoring and Precode Enrollment (Precoding/Optional Reports are not available with Fall Testing)

September 21-25, 2018 Test Coordinator Kits shipped.

October 30, 2018 Last date to order Optional Reports.

Test Coordinator's Kit Includes: *Only forms for the corresponding season may be used. Note: If the Test Coordinator Kit is not received by the date listed, please contact ACSI Member Care at 800.367.0798, or email

DRC INSIGHT Online Enrollment Portal User Guide

Quick 10 Step Guide to Online Enrollment

2018 CSP/ACSI Assessment Program Training Resources

Technical Help

Module 1: How to Create/Activate Your Portal Account
Module 2: How to Change or Recover Your Password Module 3: How to Create and Manage Additional Portal Users Module 4: How to Access and Complete the Order Entry Form
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