Why Use a Cognitive Assessment?

A cognitive abilities assessment helps you define and focus on individual student needs more effectively. InView provides you with insightful information over and beyond achievement test scores, about crucial cognitive skills like verbal reasoning, nonverbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning. InView is available in paper/pencil format with both local and machine scoring.

Level 1: Grades 2–3
Level 2: Grades 4–5
Level 3: Grades 6–7
Level 4: Grades 8–9
Level 5: Grades 10–11 (Use for grade 11 if testing occurs in the fall)
Level 6: Grades 11–12 (Use for grade 11 if testing occurs in the spring)

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You want an assessment that accurately measures your students' development - the higher level thinking and reasoning skills that are important to academic achievement and performance on college entrance exams.


InView provides you with a clear picture of cognitive abilities in students, Grades 2–12, including special populations such as Gifted and Talented, students with disabilities, and English Language Learners (ELL).

With InView, You Can:

  • Assess critical cognitive abilities, Grades 2-12
  • Detect potential learning problems
  • Anticipate student achievement on college entrance exams (for upper grades)
  • Highlight Gifted and Talented placement information
  • Offer inclusiveness, equity, and fairness for all students
  • Position students for success by supporting more targeted instructional decisions
  • Meet Title1 and IDEA reporting requirements

Sample Reports

TerraNova 3 Assessment Summary TerraNova 3 Group List    TerraNova 3 Individual Report

Gain Clear Information to Target Instruction

Meaningful assessment does more than measure. It provides direction to guide instruction. InView is an innovative cognitive skills tests that can map student strengths, reveal hidden abilities, and point the way to new learning opportunities. When you know what your students know and can do, you can teach to your students' needs.


How are your students performing relative to their own potential and to other student groups? How can you identify achievement gaps, Gifted and Talented students, and latent learning problems?


InView measures the reasoning skills of students in Grades 2-12 that are most directly related to academic success-skills that help you measure abilities accurately, target learning needs or problems, and motivate students to grow.

Using InView You Gain:

  • An accurate and reliable measure of inductive and deductive reasoning processes - abilities crucial for academic success
  • A valuable measure of quantitative reasoning, not reliant on math questions and free of gender bias
  • Insightful information about student skills that are valid predictors of student academic success
  • The ability to identify students for placement in the most appropriate learning programs
  • Translate aptitude into academic success

Translate Aptitude into Academic Success

When teamed with quality achievement test like TerraNova®, Third Edition, InView provides anticipated-achievement scores for individual students and groups, allowing you to compare your students' achievement with that of other students of the same age, grade, and ability-and determine whether your students are achieving to their full potential. This information can help you use achievement results to guide instruction and improve learning opportunities.

Cognitive Skills Index (CSI) scores from InView provide a highly reliable measure of overall academic aptitude, which is valuable information for guidance, activities planning, and special program identification.

Anticipated Achievement scores allow you to compare student performance with that of similar individuals and groups. These scores are a powerful tool. Use them to improve instruction, address specific student strengths and needs, and provide valuable information for parent-teacher conferences.

Christian School Program Scoring Package

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