Uploading Precoded Barcode Label files MUST be completed during the Online Enrollment window used.

Why use precoded barcode labels?
Precoded barcode labels save valuable time, for both teachers and administrators, who would otherwise need to double-check the demographic data for each student. Precode is an optional service that provides your school with student labels for test booklets and answer sheets.

Additional Benefits
  • Reduced test administration time for teachers and administrators
  • No more bubbling
  • Elimination of errors in data entry that could cost your school reprinting fees
  • Simplification of the six-digit entry of student ID numbers for longitudinal tracking (Student ID numbers will allow you to observe individual student growth from year to year in Asessment Data Online.)
  • Includes student identification data such as name, class, birth date, test level, school/campus, and student ID number.

Precoded Barcode Label Windows (Same as Online Enrollment)
Window 1: January 8 - February 2
Window 2: February 8 - March 2

  • Upload the precode file during the Online Enrollment window you are using
  • Upload your precode file to the DRC Insight platform where the school completed its online enrollment.

DRC INSIGHT Online Enrollment Portal User Guide

Preparing and Uploading Your Precode File (PowerPoint)

2018 CSP/ACSI Assessment Program Training Resources

Module 5: How to Prepare Your Data for Precode File Uploading Module 6: How to Upload Your Precode File Module 7: How to Re-submit a Rejected Precode File

Additional Documents:

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