Purposeful Design Publication provides ongoing professional development opportunities through webinars and site workshops. These come at no cost to the participants. Our goal is to help schools make the most effective use of our textbook series. This page is dedicated to providing you with information about professional development venues that focus on these instructional materials.

ACSI conducts trainings and webinars for our textbook series from time to time. Check the links below to register for upcoming events.


SPRING FORWARD TEXTBOOK WEBINARS - View recorded webinars here.

If you have questions regarding the Purposeful Design Textbook Series, please email our Support Specialist or call ACSI Member Care at 800.367.0798. 


2017 Training Dates and Venues
More Dates Coming Soon!

Purposeful Design Publications is providing textbook trainings at various locations around the country.  This training is for all teachers who are currently teaching the series, those who will be adopting it soon, or those who may be interested in what Purposeful Design has to offer.  Teachers who have been using the series for several years can benefit from this refresher and increase their effectiveness in the classroom, especially those who will be upgrading to the 2nd Edition Math.  All teachers attending six hours of training will receive a CEU.  Training materials will be provided.  During the training, best practices for maximizing each series will be reviewed.  Increased student achievement and teacher satisfaction are the primary goals.  There is no cost for the training.  ACSI offers these trainings as a service to you.

Trainings are provided in centralized locations to provide maximum accessibility.  Space is limited, so early registration is encouraged.   

Date City, State Subjects Registration Information
June 1, 2017 Hagerstown,  MD Math and Science Registration closed
July 31 , 2017 Bloomington, IN Science, Bible and Math Register
August 4, 2017 South Daytona,  FL      Math and Science Register
August 7, 2017 Kaufman,  TX      Math and Science Register
August 10, 2017 Birmingham, AL Science, Bible and Math Register
August 11, 2017 Lincoln,  NE      Math and Science Register
August 14, 2017 Federal Way, WA Math and Science Register
August 15, 2017 Cadillac,  MI      Math and Science Register
August 19, 2017 Tempe,  AZ      Math and Science Register
September 1, 2017 Montebello,  CA      Math and Science Register

To see if space is available after registration closes, or if you would like to participate in or host a training in your area, please contact Cindi Banse at
Reviews from previous trainings:
Great explanation and application information-very, very good.  Just what our schools and teachers needed!

-Administrator, ACSI Member School, Texas

The in-service incorporated all learning styles in it – it was great!  I learned a lot.

-Teacher, ACSI Member School, Southern California

Loved the hands-on activities.  I can use all the information that I learned today in my classroom.

-Teacher, ACSI Member School, Alabama

Lots of hands-on activities from all grade levels.

-Teacher, ACSI Member School, North Carolina


Textbook Introductory and Overview Webinars

Take advantage of these previously recorded webinars to view introductions and overviews to Purposeful Design's excellent line of quality educational courses.

Elementary BIBLE Series: This webinar looks at the Purposeful Design Bible series Preschool (3 yr) through Grade Six. It presents the Bible truths, character traits,core concepts, and components of the series. View the recorded webinar here.

Elementary SCIENCE Series: This webinar provides an overview of the elementary science of Purposeful Design Publications, its hands-on and investigative approach, and best practices incorporated in the series. It presents the components of the series and the materials included to tailor each lesson to the students in the classroom. View the recorded webinar here.

Elementary MATH Series, 2nd Edition: This webinar provides an overview of the Purposeful Design Math, K-8. It looks at the balance of conceptual understanding, computation skills, application and reasoning provided in the series, and the components and materials included to tailor lessons to the students in the classroom. View the recorded webinar here.

Elementary SPELLING Series: This webinar is an overview of the philosophy and components of the spelling series, including materials provided to tailor each lesson for the students in the classroom. View the recorded webinar here.

Grades 6-9 SCIENCE Series: This webinar provides an overview of the philosophy and components of the upper level science, including LIFE Science and the new EARTH & SPACE Science, along with the smorgasbord of labs and activities provided to tailor the lessons to the curricular objectives. View the recorded webinar here.

High School BIBLE Series: #LiveFully and Blueprints: Brian Burchik, author of #LiveFully and Blueprints, introduces these two high school Bible courses from Purposeful Design. #LiveFully is designed to empower students deepen their biblical roots and extend their reach of influence as a follower of Jesus. Blueprints (NEW) is about empowering students to build a life of godliness that sustains over the course of a lifetime. View the recorded webinar here.

Ages 3-11, Passport to Adventure EFL Series: Dr. Jan Dormer introduces Purposeful Design's English as a foreign language series, Passport to Adventure, which is designed to meet the unique needs of many student groups. In this series, children learn and practice important moral and spiritual principals while they are learning English. View the recorded webinar here.

High School BIBLE, Introduction & Overview of "Understanding the Times" (5th Ed.): This webinar takes a look at the revised textbook for "Understanding the Times," which offers an engaging look at how the tenets of the Christian worldview compares with five major competing worldviews of our day. This engaging, easy-to-understand course invites students to discover the truths of God - and our world. View the recorded webinar here.

Grades 4-8 LITERATURE, "Mosdos Press Literature Series": This webinar presents an overview of the Mosdos Press Literature Series.  This excellent series harnesses the power of literature to help students and teachers think about universal themes. It provides teacher-friendly materials, quality content, and varied and engaging language arts activities. View the recorded webinar here.

High School LITERATURE, "TextWord Literature Series": This webinar provides valuable information regarding TextWord products that are designed to enable high school students to acquire a high level of solidly-based comprehension, writing, and communication skills. With this series, students discover an exciting grouping of short stories, novellas, drama, novels and noteworthy fiction. View the recorded webinar here.