Precoded Barcode labels - CLOSED FOR SPRING 2017

Why use precoded barcode labels?
Precoded barcode labels save valuable time, for both teachers and administrators, who would otherwise need to double-check the demographic data for each student. Precode is an optional service that provides your school with student labels for test booklets and answer sheets.

Additional Benefits
  • Reduced test administration time for teachers and administrators
  • No more bubbling
  • Elimination of errors in data entry that could cost your school reprinting fees
  • Simplification of the six-digit entry of student ID numbers for longitudinal tracking (Student ID numbers will allow you to observe individual student growth from year to year in Asessment Data Online.)
  • Includes student identification data such as name, class, birth date, test level, school/campus, and student ID number.

  • Upload the precode file during the Online Enrollment window you are using
  • Use this Excel template for creating your precode file
  • Upload your precode file to the Student ID Upload System

Please feel free to contact ACSI Member Care at 800-367-0798, or email, if you have any questions.