About Us

A Brief History of Publishing at ACSI

In 1978, ACSI was founded. Dr. Paul Kienel and Dr. Roy Lowrie, prolific writers and ACSI's first executives, began providing resources to educators and parents to help them understand the rapidly growing Christian school movement.

In the mid-1980s, the demand for relevant, high quality Christian textbooks and resources skyrocketed. ACSI entered the arena intentionally and eagerly, despite two prominent publishers already crowding the industry.

In 2003, ACSI rebranded its publishing division as Purposeful Design Publications, reflecting the Association's commitment to provide resources that honor and glorify a purposeful God and meet the instructional needs of Christian school educators and students.

Today, Purposeful Design Publications exists:

  • To equip teachers with the very best textbooks and resources for their classroom;
  • To inspire educators and students to be lifelong learners, spiritually and academically; and
  • To serve the Christian school movement effectively.