ACSI strives to provide ongoing professional development opportunities through the venues of webinars and regional and on-site workshops. Many of these activities are available at no cost to participants in the ACSI Student Assessment Program.

"Thanks for allowing us to attend the webinar today. We found it very informative and helpful as we begin to use data for decision-making purposes related to students and curriculum...your willingness to answer all our questions and share your expertise in such a thorough and patient way is very much appreciated!" - M.R., New York

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Regional Training

Regional On-Site Training Workshops

(Click the link below if you'd like to inquire about scheduling a training.)

On-site training workshops provide strategies for beginners and current users to prepare for Spring 2018.

Topics covered will include:
  • Score Interpretation
  • Assessment Data for Administrators and Teachers
  • Assessment Data for Parents
  • Plus more!

The typical training workshop runs from 8:30 am - 3:30 pm local time with a one hour lunch (unless otherise specified).

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Online Webinars

Assessment Training Webinars

Listed below, for your convenience, are free pre-recorded training webinars that address several of the most common issues.

If you are interested in scheduling either regional on-site training or a live webinar training, click here or on the icon at the bottom of this page.

For more information, please call 800.367.0798 or contact ACSI Member Care.

Assessment Data:  Conversations with Parents
This webinar provides guidance for educators regarding the content of teacher/parent conversations relating to student assessment data results. Topics covered include:
  • Updates to the Home Report and Objective Report
  • Printing Combination Reports
  • Review of InView™ Scores
Webinar Handouts:
To view recorded webinar, click here.

Fall Testing
This webinar considers why fall testing using TerraNova 3, ACSI Edition is important. Topics covered include:
  • Benefits to Educators and Students
  • Making the Most of the Fall Data You Have
Webinar Handouts:
To view recorded webinar, click here.

Basic TerraNova Score Interpretation
This webinar covers basic TerraNova score interpretation with an overview of TerraNova 3 normed, criterion-reference, and performance scores. Topics covered include:
  • What the scores mean and how they can be used in data analysis
  • Utilizing the Individual Profile Report and Group List Report
Webinar Handouts:
To view recorded webinar, click here.