Elementary Science

Science Levels 1-6, Second Edition, 2014
Purposeful Design Science gives students the opportunity to marvel at the wonders of Creation both as inhabitants and caretakers as they study, explore, and discover the world God has created.

Features and components of this series:
  • Hands-on learning activities that excite students to want to know more
  • Developing critical thinking skills through scientific inquiry and investigation
  • Appropriately rigorous content that prepares students for future science studies
  • Learning the language and processes of science
  • Classroom activities that help to shape a biblical worldview in the mind and heart of each student

  • Student Notebooks:

    In the full-color student books (levels 1–3), each chapter becomes a take-home booklet for every student.

    At the upper elementary levels (grades 4–6), the science series introduces a unique format that provides an enriched learning experience for students.

    This format has two essential components:

    • A full-color student textbook (softcover)
    • A science notebook (consumable) — an essential and necessary component filled with multiple hands-on application activities for every chapter