Elementary Science Level 6

Teacher Edition:

The teacher edition is a full–color, coil–bound resource with lesson targets, instructions for each student exercise, recommendations for biblical intergration, student spelling support, differentiated instruction, and supplemental resources.
  • Lesson highlights
  • Instructional materials needed
  • Background content
  • Vocabulary with definitions
  • Preparation tips on how to get ready for a lesson
  • Introduction with engaging activities and topics for discussion
  • Step–by–step directed instruction
  • History sidebars
  • Misconception sidebars
  • Challenge questions to stimulate further discussion
  • Biblical worldview integration
  • Reduced student pages with answers
Click to download SE Lesson. Click to download Table of Contents. Click to download TE Lesson. Click to download Scope & Sequence.

Downloadable Resources include:
Student Notebook: 216 Science notebook pages
of engaging, hands–on activities and experiments.
Student Edition:

The science series introduces a unique format that provides an enriched learning experience for students. This format has two essential components:
  • A full color student textbook (hardcover)
  • A science notebook (consumable) — an essential and necessary component filled with multiple hands–on application activities for every chapter.

Science Equipment Kit *

The science equipment kit includes primarily non–consumable science lab equipment for the elementary classroom. Purposeful Design Publications created this customized kit to coincide with lab activities in all six grade levels of the science series.

Click here to see equipment list.
* Sold separately