Fall 108 TCM
Fall 2018 Test Coordinator's Manual

Fall 2018
Important Reminders

DRC INSIGHT Online Enrollment Portal User Guide

Guide to Test Interpretation Manual

GTI Manual Errata Page 43 Memo 4-9-18

GTI Manual Errata Page 43 Replacement Page 4-9-18

TN3 Spring 2018 Online Enrollment Cover Memo

Quick 10 Step Guide to
Online Enrollment

Preparing and Uploading Your Precode File (PowerPoint)

CSP Student Data File Layout

2018 CSP/ACSI Assessment Program Training Resources

Technical Assistance

Module 1: How to Create/Activate Your Portal Account
Module 2: How to Change or Recover Your Password Module 3: How to Create and Manage Additional Portal Users Module 4: How to Access and Complete the Order Entry Form Module 5: How to Prepare Your Data for Precode File Uploading Module 6: How to Upload Your Precode File Module 7: How to Re-submit a Rejected Precode File

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