Spring 2018 Test Coordinator's Manual Updated 3-20-18

TCM Errata
Updated 3-20-18

DRC INSIGHT Online Enrollment Portal User Guide

TN3 Spring 2018 Online Enrollment Cover Memo

Guide to Test Interpretation

Quick 10 Step Guide to
Online Enrollment

Preparing and Uploading Your Precode File (PowerPoint)

2018 CSP/ACSI Assessment Program Training Resources

Module 1: How to Create/Activate Your Portal Account
Module 2: How to Change or Recover Your Password Module 3: How to Create and Manage Additional Portal Users Module 4: How to Access and Complete the Order Entry Form Module 5: How to Prepare Your Data for Precode File Uploading Module 6: How to Upload Your Precode File Module 7: How to Re-submit a Rejected Precode File

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