PDP Homeschooling
Homeschoolers, experience the Purposeful Design difference. Find the best textbooks for your children.

MATH (available for Kindergarten through Middle School)

Guide your child(ren) through the world of mathematics with learning-based activities to teach concepts, problem solving, and reasoning. With an interdisciplinary approach and a strong emphasis on skill development, Purposeful Design Math prepares your children for higher concepts. (Click the textbooks to the left for more information.)

SPELLING (available for Grades 1-6)

Spelling and reading are crucial to today's constant communication. Increase your child's confidence in spelling through engaing lessons and different types of whiting activities that pave the way to greater reading comprehension and handwriting skills. (Click the textbooks to the right for more information.)

BIBLE (available for Preschool through High School)

Dive into foundational biblical teachings about the nature and character of God, the qualities of His people,a nd the role of His church. Using Scripture memorization and vivid illustrations, the Purposeful Design Bible series connects your child(ren) to the powerful truths of God's living Word. (Click on the textbooks to the left for more information.)

SCIENCE (available for Grades 1-9)

Integrate the Word of God with the study of His world. Numerous labs, projects, and hands-on activities help your child(ren) explore new concepts, while discussion points create opportunities for critical thinking. Equipping with a cohesive biblical worldview, your children will learn to engage unfamilair ideas - while also standing strong to their faith. (Click on the textbooks to the right for more information.)

HEALTH (available for Middle School and High School)

Help your teen deal with the unique challengese of growing up. Through personal testimonies, honest questions about life, and the timeless truths of Scripture, Purposeful Design Total Health offers clear answers to your teens as they deal with a confusing, frustrating transision from childhood to maturity. (Click on the textbooks to the left for more information.)