For over 30 years, ACSI has strengthened Christian schools and equipped Christian educators by providing standardized testing services to member schools. Through student assessment, educators can gauge student achievements and abilities, measure instructional effectiveness, organize reflective thinking, and plan objectively.

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ACSI offers a full-service student assessment program to help meet the unique needs of schools. Formative and summative testing products and services are current and meet the highest standards of psychometric and technical excellence. Scoring and reporting systems provide timely access to a variety of comparative and diagnostic scores in formats that allow schools to disaggregate and analyze individual and group results. They provide valid and reliable information about your students' achievement and ability.

Through its partnerships with test publishers, ACSI also offers professional development opportunities to Christian schools. Through webinars, videos, and site workshops, educators can understand the purposes of assessment, analyze score results, and take practical steps to improve student learning.

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Test Coordinator or Address Change Form

If you need to update your Test Coordinator, or your School Name and/or Address information, please complete this Test Coordinator or Address Change Form. There is no need to do so if your information has previously been updated with ACSI Member Care.

For more information, please call 800.367.0798 or contact ACSI Member Care.