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Important Update Regarding Score Report Delivery from DRC

August 14, 2017

Dear Testing Coordinator:

We are continuing to provide you with the most current information regarding your TerraNova 3 score reports. As you are well aware, this spring's test results have been delayed because of a technology platform conversion at Data Recognition Corporation. Once again DRC has communicated to us that printed score report projection dates have been pushed back. Previous dates for score delivery have not been realized, and ACSI does not have a firm projected delivery date.  We will communicate when we have further information about the delivery of score reports.

DRC has almost completed uploads of student data files for all schools to the DRC Insight Platform at no extra charge. This is the same website in which your school completed Online Enrollment for machine scoring.

These student data files provide schools access to their raw data while paper reports are being processed and there will be expected lead time to complete this project. You will receive an email from DRC once the upload for your school is completed.

ACSI stands ready to assist you in reading or converting your student data. If your school requires a specific report format, or if you have any questions, please contact ACSI Member Care.

ACSI has been in close contact with several states that have made us aware of reporting deadlines. All of the letters have already been distributed to State Agencies. We are aware that there are other local, state, and/or federal programs that schools may participate in that we are not aware of, so we have created a General Letter that may be downloaded and used as needed. Please visit the Student Data File and Special Programs Information page to view/download letters and instructions for using the Student Data File.

We are providing you with all of the information that is currently available. We are in daily contact and are actively working with our team at DRC to ensure that your school has access to its test scores as soon as possible.

If you have any additional questions or need assistance, please contact ACSI Member Care.

Your ACSI Student Assessment Program Team

If you have any additional questions, please contact ACSI Member Care..

Test Coordinator or Address Change Form

If you need to update your Test Coordinator, or your School Name and/or Address information, please complete this Test Coordinator or Address Change Form. There is no need to do so if your information has previously been updated with ACSI Member Care, or is already correct in the DRC INSIGHT Portal.

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