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The Iowa Assessments from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt are evidence-based, psychometrically sound assessments that measure student achievement and grown against next generation learning standards for grades K–12. Because of an efficient test design and powerful reporting, the Iowa Assessments allow you to assess less but measure more.

Iowa Assessments all new Form G and its equivalent Form E are built to a carefully constructed test blueprint and content specifications focused on current best-in-class state, national, and international benchmarks and standards of educational achievement.

New 2017 norms provide the most up-to-date national comparisons of student performance.

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The Iowa Assessments enable administrators and educators to:

  • Monitor Growth using a continuous, research-based, verticle scale
  • Indicate College and Career Readiness starting at 6th grade
  • Evaluate student mastery of next generation skills and rigorous learning standards

All while offering:

  • Items align to one of three cognitive levels, providing an additional view of mastery
  • Skill and core domain alignment and reporting
  • Reporting suite includes Lexile® and Quantile® measures
  • Ancillaries include print-on-demand planning and interpretive guides, online videos, and training materials

Measure College and Career Readiness  — Beginning in Middle School

Maximizing your school resources—instructor time, money, and curricular changes—has never been more challenging or important. Only Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has the insight and data systems to help you track the college and career readiness starting at Grade 6. Data gathered from our reliable and evidence–based assessments can help you make important decisions by providing projected reports of student preparedness for success through Grade 12 and beyond.

How it works

The Iowa Assessments generate readiness reports showing where students in Grades 6–12 land on the college and career preparedness scale, informing decisions related to curricula and teacher performance. In addition, individual student data helps identify students who may require intervention or advanced courses and programs, or those who would benefit from accelerated coursework.

Why it works

Iowa Assessments are the only assessments that begin evaluating student preparedness for the ACT©/SAT© in Grade 6 – two years before any other existing assessment system.

Grades 6–8 are a critical time for skills development, so the ability to begin interventions or adjust curricula to ensure students are "on track" for success before they enter high school can go a long way toward improving overall student and school performance.

In addition, the longitudinal data system allows you to track students year over year and within the school year, so you can demonstrate immediate and long term gains in achievement at the same time.

How do you track growth?

With increasing pressure on schools across the country to provide data showing student growth, you need a way to reliably monitor each student's progress across the entire K–12 continuum. That's why the robust vertical scale underlying the Iowa Assessments facilitates an enhanced Growth Model.

Learning is a continuous process, and individuals learn incrementally and at different rates. When we measure progress, we avoid applying arbitrary labels to students or placing them in buckets. Instead, by monitoring growth, we focus on setting long–term goals and understanding student progress towards college and career readiness. Using growth data can help you plan instruction and implement swift curriculum changes based on what students know and can do.

Features and Benefits

  • Concordance to existing assessment data to facilitate longitudinal trend
  • Accurate longitudinal data reporting within and across school years
  • A vertical scale that provides a reliable and consistent measure of growth
  • Standard score growth continuum that provides more accurate data than other competing instruments
  • Enhanced tools for differentiation that accurately access the growth of low- and hight-performing students
  • Universal screening that can be used within the "Response to Intervention" framework

Powerful Web-Based Reporting

ACSI Member Schools have access to the DataManager platform for web-based reporting. DataManager offers more flexibility in working with data than a static paper report, as well as the ability to create dynamic displays with the click of a mouse. Compare data by different classes, different buildings, or review summary data for content area totals. You also can drill down to individual tests and analyze performance on diagnostic skill clusters and use the information to inform instruction.

DataManager features robust Iowa Assessments reporting that includes the following:

View this recently recorded webinar for assistance in DataManager Web Reporting Keys. IMPORTANT: Use this tutorial to learn how to unlock your school reports using the Web Reporting Keys provided to the top level Test Coordinator. The keys will be sent in an email notifying the Test Coordinator that the reports are ready to view.

Optional Paper Reports:

ACSI Member Schools also have the option to order paper reports.

Assessment Support

All schools that use the Iowa Assessments may access DataManager's extensive digital resource library. DataManager can help you in every phase of assessment — from preparing to test to interpreting the results. Iowa ancillaries include:

  • Planning and Implementation Guide
  • Score Implementation Guides
  • Content Classifications Guides
  • Web Reporting Guide
  • Research and Development Guide
Follow this link to learn more about the Digital Resource Library.
Follow this link to learn more about DataManager (Online Reporting System).

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