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The Best Abilities Test Continues to Get Even Better! 

More educators choose CogAT than any other group–administered abilities assessment.

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Exciting news!  In 2017, HMH® released updated norms for Form 7.

The Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT®) Form 7 measures students' verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal reasoning abilities and assists educators in determining instructional strategies.

Authored by Dr. David F. Lohman of the University of Iowa, a nationally recognized expert on abilities assessments, CogAT continues to:

  • Identify all students' abilities
  • Link teachers to instructional strategies through unique Ability Profiles
  • Deliver predictive data with the Iowa Assessments and highlight significant discrepancies between expected and actual achievement
  • Include three separate cognitive domains to form a more comprehensive perspective of a student's reasoning abilities
  • Offer superior technical quality

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Features and Benefits:

EL Friendly: Form 7 further levels the playing field for English learners by introducing improvements such as picture prompts instead of verbal prompts.

Measures Broad Range of Student Performance: The addition of more challenging items at each level helps reduce the need for out–of–level testing.

Professional Development and Support: Teachers and administrators may view interactive web content and videos, review pre–testing instructions, and learn instructional strategies based on student performance to help answer the "what's next" questions.

Reporting Options: Age and grade normative scores, local norms, separate and composite scores for ability batteries, predicted achievement scores, and the Ability Profile Score provide multiple data points for use in identification and instruction.

Streamline Your Test Management

ACSI schools have access to DataManager for streamlining the management of your assessment program using Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) and Iowa Assessments. Use DataManager’s online resources to:

  • Download CogAT Practice Activities for Students
  • View and print reports
  • Interpret results
  • Download testing data in a variety of formats
  • Access digital resources, including in-depth and comprehensive ancillaries


Sample Web-based Reports

Optional Paper Reports

Assessment Support

All schools that use the Cognitive Abilities Test may access DataManager's extensive digital resource library. DataManager can help you in every phase of assessment — from preparing to test to interpreting the results. CogAT ancillaries include:

  • Planning and Implementation Guide
  • Score Implementation Guides
  • A Short Guide for Teachers
  • Web Reporting Guide
  • Research and Development Guide
Follow this link to learn more about the Digital Resource Library.
Follow this link to learn more about DataManager (Online Reporting System).