Manuals and User Guides. Includes a variety of assessment manuals, along with assessment due dates. Additionally, step–by–step instructions to set up and administer the ACT® Aspire® paper–based and computer–based assessments are available.

ACT Fall 2018 TCM

The ACT Aspire Test Coordinator Manual - Summative Testing provides policies and procedures critical to a successful test administration. Click the link to download the Test Coordinator Manual for Fall 2018.

Understanding Summative Paper Testing Materials–Spring 2018 provides sample images highlighting the different Summative paper testing materials and usage instructions.

Training Resources:

● The Avocet Site. This site offers an indexed and searchable list of manuals, guides, checklists and more.

● ACT Aspire Training Management System (TMS). This site requires users to register and access with their email address. They can track training progress and view training transcripts. This site also includes bite–sized training modules covering a variety of subjects and topics related to both summative and periodic assessments. The moduals are self–paced and content is searchable.

Exemplar Test Question Booklets and Student Sandbox. These resources illustrate the different types of test questions and formats found in both paper–based and computer–based testing modes. Users may also interact with TestNav tools and functionality by using the TestNav 8 Tutorial.

Techology Set–up. This site offers information related to computer–based testing components, installable TestNav, and additional technology resources.

Report Resources. This site provides a wide range of reporting resources. These include understanding reports, sample reports, and reporting information on Avocet and the Training Management System (TMS).

Council for American Private Education (CAPE) for the National Blue Ribbon Schools Program.