Helping Christian Educators Bridge the Gap Between Challenge and Opportunity

Core:  Reading • Language • Mathematics • Science • Social Studies
Plus tests:  Vocabulary • Language Mechanics • Math Computation • Spelling • Word Analysis

TerraNova®, CSP Third Edition for Grades K–12 is a breakthrough assessment solution that builds on one of America's most innovative and respected standardized achievement tests and helps Christian schools meet high expectations for student success.

TerraNova 3 Supports Christian Educators by:
  • Informing instruction with data that highlights students' strengths and weaknesses
  • Delivering easy-to-understand reports for parents and community leaders
  • Linking student scores to instructional activities
  • Featuring content that is engaging and relevant
  • Aligning to common curriculum goals
Reinforcing Parent and Community Support
Enhance parent communication about student performance. TerraNova 3 Reports can also supplement community outreach in your school and improve student learning.

Assessing Cognitive Abilities and Skills for Academic Success
InView tests for Grades 2–can be administered in conjunction with TerraNova 3 to reliably measure skills such as understanding verbal and quantitative concepts, and analyzing and comprehending relationships between verbal and nonverbal stimuli. Combined InView and TerraNova 3 reporting is provided when both tests are administered.

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