A Benchmarking System to Complete Your Balanced Assessment Program

Riverside® Interim Assessments help you monitor your students' growth toward proficiency in English Language Arts/Literacy and Math. Built with rigorous content to ensure accurate measurement across the curriculum, these benchmarks provide detailed data on student performance to prepare all students to succeed on higher–stakes tests.

Riverside Interim Assessments offer three parallel forms per content area for Grades 2–11 as high–quality benchmark measures to address the need for multiple data points across the year, demonstrating student growth and progress over time.

Riverside Interim Assessments are designed for ease-of-use by teachers, administrators, and district personnel. Online administration and dynamic online reporting through the DataManager platform allows educators to make data-driven evaluations and decisions.

To learn more, view this informative webinar: HMH Riverside Interim Assessments – A Benchmarking System to Complete Your Balanced Assessment Program, Handouts

HMH Riverside Brochure

Additional Benefits

  • Assess quickly with pre–built forms that are research-based and ready for immediate administration
  • Monitor student growth, achievement, and progress with easy-to-interpret web-based reports
  • Gain insight into student readiness for high-stakes assessments
  • Independently measure and audit implementation of 21st-century curriculum and college and career readiness

Administration and Test Times

The Riverside Interim Assessments are administered online to measure student learning and provide meaningful feedback to teachers and administrators. Scores are reported in 24 hours of test completion, via DataManager.

The Riverside Interim Assessments are untimed and may be broken into two sections. The sections may be administered together or separately to make the best use of allotted class time.

RIA Approx Working Times Chart
*Assessment is untimed.

English Language Arts/Literacy Domains Assessed

In ELA/Literacy, the same domains are in evidence across most grade levels. However, the depth and complexity of learning requirements increase progressively across the grades. Scores are provided for domains by grade level.

ELA/Literacy items focus on higher order thinking skills such as summary, comparison, analysis, reasoning, and the use of text-based evidence. Passages are complex and challenging and presented in pairs, requiring close reading and enabling synthesis, analysis, and comparison. Students are presented with a mix of literary and informational passages, including science and social studies for grade 6 and above.

RIA ELA Domains

Mathematics Domains Assessed

In the chart below, you can see the math domains. Certain domains, such as Operations and Algebraic Thinking, are cornerstones for the more complex topics, such as Algebra, that come later. At each grade level in math, there are four to five domains which are of the greatest importance for proficiency in math.

Math items focus on the understanding of mathematical concepts, mathematical reasoning, and problem solving. Scores are provided by domains by grade level.

RIA Math Domains

Linking the Riverside Interims to the Iowa Assessment

For those educators who elect to use the Iowa Assessments with the Riverside Interim Assessments as part of a comprehensive Balanced Assessment System, the Riverside Interim Assessments total score scales for ELA and Mathematics have been aligned to associated Iowa Assessments scores. The growth scale for the Riverside Interim Assessments has been defined using basic characteristics of the Iowa SS scale. Links between the growth scale and the Iowa Assessments scale itself have been established through a process referred to as "scale alignment" (Holland & Dorans, 20065). In this way, the Riverside Interim Assessments and the Iowa Assessments can be used together to monitor the growth of students over time. However, because the Riverside Interim Assessments and the Iowa Assessments measure related but slightly different constructs, estimated ranges of probable Iowa Assessments scores are provided for each Riverside Interim Assessments score in lieu of actual point estimates.

As shown below, the Student Profile – Balanced Assessment Line Graph presents results from Iowa Assessments and Riverside Interim Assessments and allows you to set growth goals for a student and track the student's progress over time. A blue line indicates the growth goal that you set for the student. The scores for each test administration appear as red or green, indicating that the student is above or below the growth goal, respectively. For comparison purposes, the graphs also display a gray line representing the growth in achievement for the average student in the nation over the same period of time.

RIA Student Profile

Powerful Online Reporting

Designed for ease–of–use by teachers, administrators, and district personnel, online reporting via DataManager empowers educators to make data–driven decisions and evaluate effectiveness. See below to view a few sample reports for the Riverside Interim Assessments.