Uploading Precoded Barcode Label files MUST be completed during Online Enrollment.
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Required for ALL schools using machine scoring (not schools who self–score).

Order for Scoring Services (previously referred to as Online Enrollment) through the ACSI-HMH Assessment Program confirms that your tests will be scored by HMH Scoring Service with results delivered online via DataManager. Optional printed reports will be mailed to the school. Optional printed reports are ordered when you complete the Order Form for Scoring Services that is included in your HMH Scoring Service Packet. During this time, you also have the option to order Precoded Barcode Labels to ensure accuracy of student demographic information.

Online Enrollment:

HMH Online EnrollmentComplete the HMH Order for Scoring Services to register for machine scoring.

•  Enter your school information during the open window (through April 30, 2018) to order scoring services.
•  Optional reports are ordered when you complete the HMH Order for Scoring Services.

Precoded Barcode Labels (optional):

HMH Upload Student RosterAfter online registration – if you selected to order precoded barcode label – you will receive two auto-generated emails:

•  The first email will contain a link to the secure website to upload your Student Roster data, as well as your unique user name (sample email).
•  The second email will contain your unique password, along with other important site instructions.

Download the template from the HMH Online Enrollment page. Access additional information, tutorial videos, and guides via Iowa Assessment Support at

Additional resources:
  • Barcode Form. This is an editable pdf for ordering barcodes.
  • Barcode Template. Use this Excel file to enter the student demographic information that is to be included on the barcodes.
  • Barcode Ordering Guide. This guide gives the necessary information on how to complete the barcode template (roster file).

HMH Scoring Services Packet:

You will receive your HMH Scoring Services Packet:
  • Within 10 business days after completing the Order for Scoring Services, or
  • Within 15 days if ordering barcodes.

HMH Online Enrollment Cover Memo: Online Registration for the Spring 2018 Test Administration

HMH Scoring Service Packet includes:*
(PLEASE NOTE: These links provide samples only. They are not to be printed or used. Use only the original forms that come in the packet.)

*Only current year's forms may be used.

Optional Sample Reports

Note: If the HMH Scoring Service Packet is not received by the date listed, please contact ACSI Member Care at 800.367.0798, or email

For more information, please call 800.367.0798 or click here to contact ACSI Member Care.