Christian School Education (CSE) Magazine Articles

The articles listed below are from previous issues of the CSE magazine, written by qualified professionals, relating to various assessment issues.

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  • "Limiting Failure" by Lisa Chubbic (from CSE 21.2) PDF

  • "Hope Academy's Seamless Coat of Learning" by Naomi L. Woodmansee (from CSE 21.1) PDF

  • "ACSI's Flourishing School Framework" by Lisa Chubbic (from CSE 20.3) PDF

  • "Focusing on Results" by Linda Thompson (from CSE 20.2) PDF

  • "The Value of Partnerships" by Phyllis Houghton (from CSE 20.1) PDF

  • "Language Assessment and Instruction" by Linda Thompson (from CSE 19.3) PDF

  • "Improving English Language Learning with LAS Links" by Lorena Houston (from CSE 19.2) PDF

  • "Benchmark Assessment" by Valerie Valenti-Zapf (from CSE 19.1) PDF

  • "Relevant Professional Development Guided by Student Data" by Krista Barron (from CSE 18.3) PDF

  • "Focusing on Assessment Results" by Dr. Linda Thompson* (from CSE 18.2) PDF (Click here to read the expanded version of the above article.)

  • "Where Are You, and Where Do You Want To Be?" by Lisa Chubbic (from CSE 18.1) PDF

  • "Communicating Achievement Test Results with Parents" by Merry Clark and David Smitherman (from CSE 16.3) PDF

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