Elementary Bible

Elementary Bible

Elementary Bible (Early Education—Grade 6)

...the best option for teaching the Bible well to your elementary students.

Purposeful Design Publications offers an exceptionally effective, stimulating, and wonderfully engaging Bible series. Essential to the mission of Christian schools—which is preparing children and young people for living the Christian life—is guiding students to become grounded in and shaped by God's Word. The Bible is the foundation of Christian schooling!

The thematic strands that flow through the Purposeful Design Elementary Bible series are as follows:

  • God tells us His great story in the Bible.
  • God's Word is truth.
  • The gospel of Jesus Christ and our need of saving faith through Him.
  • Knowledge, wisdom, and understanding come from a life grounded in the Scriptures.
  • Becoming a spiritually formed disciple of Jesus is impossible without knowing God's Word.
  • Developing a vital and authentic Christian worldview requires study, worship, and disciplined practice.

Features and components of this series:
  • 34 week-long lessons.
  • Useable with any translation of the Bible.
  • Scripture memory is embedded in each week’s lesson.
  • Vivid, inspiring artwork brings the Bible truths to life.
  • Music is incorporated into every lesson. (P-2)
  • Downloadable PowerPoint presentations, transparency masters, and whiteboard materials are included.
  • Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter lessons.
  • Chapel programs are included for teacher convenience. 

Teacher Resources:
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Middle School Bible

Middle School Bible

Middle School Bible (Grades 6-8)

(Each course is designed to cover one semester, except where otherwise noted.)

Joseph: A Character Study

Do you see the potential of a Joseph among the students in your classroom? Do you see the potential for a Joseph in all of your students? No one is too young to be used of God in significant ways.

The Life of Joseph: A Character Study will be a powerful tool in your hands to help shape the minds and hearts of each of your students, to become Joseph-like among their own classmates and peers. The biblical account of Joseph's life is woven through practical exercises to help students to confront the life of Joseph and its application to them. Click here to download sample lessons.

To the Ends of the Earth: An In-depth Study of the Book of Acts

Students will witness the birth and expansion of the early Christian church. Along the journey, their minds will be stretched and their values will be challenged.

This course is designed to teach principles for Christian living from the example of the early church as recorded in Acts. A serious effort has been made to encourage students to apply the principles demonstrated in the lives and actions of the heroic men and women of Acts.

The student workbook contains engaging graphics and questions that direct students in their study. It also contains activities that guide students in theological issues, reflection, reasoning skills, and more. The teacher edition contains an answer key and teacher support information. Click here to download sample lessons.

How Far Can You Go? Straight Talk About Sexual Purity

How Far Can You Go? directs students to the Word of God for answers that go beyond catch phrases and pat answers. It offers biblical principles that challenge readers to authentic Christian living.

This study addresses the delicate topic in a straightforward yet sensitive manner. It moves beyond the ineffective command to "just say no" to sex. It raises the bar by encouraging, equipping, and empowering young people to develop the character trait of purity. When purity of heart becomes our foundation for behavior, our relationship with God is elevated to a higher level.

This resource includes a student book and a teacher edition/leader guide (designed to be used one day per week for nine weeks). Click here to download sample lessons.

Student Edition also available in Spanish.

The Life of Christ, 2nd Edition*

The Life of Christ is both engaging and effective in teaching young people about Jesus through the four Gospels. This course consists of 40 concise lessons presenting key truths about Jesus.

The student textbook walks students through a chronology of the events concerning Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. It includes application questions, personal assignments, and hypothetical case studies, and it is coordinated with a dedicated website that links students to additional information. The teacher guide includes an extensive resource section with learning exercises, maps, charts, glossaries, quizzes, and blackline masters, helping teachers lead students beyond facts to a deeper understanding through projects and class discussion.   Click here to download sample lessons.

This edition is NOT compatible with The Life of Christ, 1st Edition.

* Year–long study

Daring Deliverers

Lead your students to a better understanding of Israel's history through the lives of godly characters in the times of the judges. This course shows the victorious results of living a life committed to God. Students study the military leaders of Israel as well as Ruth, Eli, and Samuel. As they consider the positive and negative qualities of each person, they identify leadership principles and apply them to their own lives.

The teacher edition provides lesson targets, spiritual challenges for the teacher, background information, instructional strategies, and assignment and evaluation materials. Click here to download sample lessons.

High School (9-10) Bible

High School (9-10) Bible

High School Bible

(Grades 9-10, one semester)

Let God Be God: A Study of the Attributes of God

A study of the character and attributes of God, this course encourages teens to wrestle with questions they frequently ask in a framework that draws the answers from scripture. The course is designed on the premise that the more we come to know God through a careful study of His Word, the greater will be our challenge to maintain a right relationship with Him. The attributes are organized into helpful categories: the knowledge of God, the Trinity, God's unshared attributes, and God's shared attributes.

The workbook helps students tackle each attribute through appropriate exercises and activities and guides students in translating their knowledge into personal application. The teacher edition provides extensive lesson helps along with detailed content overviews, blackline masters, and assessment tools. Click here to download sample lessons.

Mastering Bible Study Skills: Tools for Investigating God's Word

In order to develop into mature disciples of Jesus Christ, high school students need to know how to correctly handle the Scriptures (2 Timothy 2:15). Mastering Bible Study Skills instructs and coaches students to use the inductive Bible study method–observation, interpretation, and application.

The main teaching methods for the course are projects and exercises. Teacher materials include detailed lesson plans, blackline masters, PowerPoint presentations, lecture notes, grading rubrics for projects, and student answer keys for exercises and quizzes. Click here to download sample lessons.

Connecting with God: A Survey of the New Testament

This survey course is intended to give your high school students an overview of each book in the New Testament. It is structured so that you will be able to present basic information as well as guide your students in exercises, discussions, and enrichment activities to give them a solid understanding.

Connecting with God is designed to give teachers a great deal of freedom to define the approach to structuring a survey of the New Testament. At the same time, the materials included in the teacher edition will minimize the need for extensive research. Click here to download sample lessons.

Journeying with God: A Survey of the Old Testament

This survey course gives your high school students an overview of each of the books of the Old Testament. The course is structured to provide basic information as students are guided through exercises, discussions, and enrichment activities. A strong emphasis in this course is helping students see the "big picture" perspective as they study how God has worked through His people to carry out His plan of salvation.

Journeying with God is designed to give teachers freedom in shaping a study of the Old Testament. Rich background information is provided for each book. Click here to download sample lessons.

High School (11-12) Bible

High School (11-12) Bible

High School Bible (Grades 11-12, one semester)

NEW! Museum of the Bible - 4-Volume Bible Curriculum


Museum of the Bible has developed a full two- to four-year, high-tech high school Bible curriculum. The new interactive Bible curriculum allows students to travel beyond the classroom to create a meaningful learning experience. Consisting of 108 chapters over four volumes, the innovative content design engages the smartphone generation. Tailored specifically to suit the needs of the homeschool, private school, and independent study segments, the curriculum focuses on the history, narrative, and impact of the Bible. It includes hundreds of interactive media elements including virtual reality, animations, 3D models, interactive maps, gamified quizzes, and more!

Countries outside of the United States, please contact Member Care prior to submitting an order for these textbooks.

Click here for additional information.

Volume 1:
Volume 2:
Samuel—The Prophets
Volume 3:
The Gospels
Volume 4:


#LiveFully, a curriculum for transformation where students uncover an integrated, holistic spiritual life. #LiveFully is designed with innovative learning techniques to offer 21st century leaders. Teacher edition, student edition and student workbook available. Learn more!


Blueprints is about empowering students to build a life of godliness that sustains over the course of a lifetime. The course aims to orient students' lives, bringing clarity to their present while also casting a hopeful but realistic vision for their future as followers of Christ.

Students will interact with the Student Workbook that includes class notes, exercises, and occasional homework assignments.  The Teacher Edition includes 50 lessons with Appendices A & B for supplemental materials and assessments. Learn more!

Understanding the Times

Understanding the Times offers a fascinating, comprehensive look at how the tenets of the Christian worldview compares with five major competing worldviews of our day: Islam, Secularism, Marxism, New Spirituality, and Postmodernism.

Students are introduced to the battle of ideas, then to each of the competing worldviews. After that, students are carefully guided through ten academics disciplines that are most influenced by these worldviews.

The course provides a systematic way for students to understand the ideas that rule our world. While the material is expansive, the engaging, easy-to-understand writing style invites students to discover the truths of God — and our world.

The Student Textbook is hardcover and contains 18 chapters of text material. It should be used in conjunction with the Student Manual. The Student Manual is a consumable product that is an accompaniment to the Student Textbook. It functions as a workbook that students may write in. For each chapter, it includes discussion questions, a link to a video, additional reading, study guides and a writing assignment.

One– or Two–semester Course, Grades 11/12

Missio Dei: Joining God on the Adventure of a Lifetime

This course includes three essential components:

  • The student edition introduces the term Missio Dei — 'Mission of God.' It provides opportunities for students to explore and engage in God's mission as the foundation for the story of the Bible, as the lens through which we all relate to others cross-culturally, as the centerpiece of history, and as the driving force for living "missionally" in whatever context we find ourselves.

  • The teacher edition will guide you step-by-step through the teaching of the material and through the leading of various activities and assignments.

  • The journal (Missio Dei: The Journey) was developed as a companion piece and an integral part of the student's study. The journal is filled with article excerpts, Bible verses, quotations, places for reflection, and activities directly related to the lessons.

Click here to download sample lessons.

Timeless Truth

This apologetics course carefully walks students through the answers to these important questions — What is truth? Where can truth be found? Is the Bible reliable and relevant? Before young people can rely on the Bible, they must be assured of its truth. Timeless Truth directs students in a thoughtful study of the authenticity, reliability, and authority of the Bible. Students can apply what they learn as they hear a wide range of claims in the secular environment.

The teacher edition includes evaluation materials, an answer key, blackline masters, and an appendix that presents supplementary readings. Click here to download sample lessons.

Life-Shaping Decisions: Applying God's Word to Career Planning

Excitement can turn to disillusionment as a teen pursues career plans without God's wisdom for living and working. Only a path chosen according to God's Word can bring ultimate, lasting success.

This course challenges students with a biblical concept of career stewardship while providing resources to help them build their own career plans wisely and faithfully. The lessons will lead them to discover their talents, to understand important principles of decision making, and to determine the will of God. This course can easily be used in conjunction with the school's guidance program. Click here to download sample lessons.