Elementary Bible (Early Education—Grade 6)

...the best option for teaching the Bible well to your elementary students.

Purposeful Design Publications offers an exceptionally effective, stimulating, and wonderfully engaging Bible series. Essential to the mission of Christian schools—which is preparing children and young people for living the Christian life—is guiding students to become grounded in and shaped by God's Word. The Bible is the foundation of Christian schooling!

The thematic strands that flow through the Purposeful Design Elementary Bible series are as follows:

  • God tells us His great story in the Bible.
  • God's Word is truth.
  • The gospel of Jesus Christ and our need of saving faith through Him.
  • Knowledge, wisdom, and understanding come from a life grounded in the Scriptures.
  • Becoming a spiritually formed disciple of Jesus is impossible without knowing God's Word.
  • Developing a vital and authentic Christian worldview requires study, worship, and disciplined practice.

Features and components of this series:
  • 34 week-long lessons.
  • Useable with any translation of the Bible.
  • Scripture memory is embedded in each week’s lesson.
  • Vivid, inspiring artwork brings the Bible truths to life.
  • Music is incorporated into every lesson. (P-2)
  • Downloadable PowerPoint presentations, transparency masters, and whiteboard materials are included.
  • Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter lessons.
  • Chapel programs are included for teacher convenience. 

Teacher Resources:
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